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Primo annuncio Convegno AIAM 2019 - Call for papers PDF Print E-mail

XXII Convegno Nazionale di Agrometeorologia

 Primo Annuncio


Ogni anno l'Associazione Italiana di AgroMeteorologia organizza un convegno in cui vengono trattati i temi piu' attuali della ricerca e delle applicazioni in ambito agrometeorologico. Questo appuntamento nel corso degli anni e' ormai diventato un momento d'incontro molto atteso dalla comunita' agrometeorologica italiana.


La XXII edizione del Convegno AIAM si terra' nelle giornate del

11 - 12 - 13 giugno 2019 a Napoli ed avra' per titolo:

"Ricerca ed innovazione per la gestione del rischio

meteo climatico in agricoltura"


First call

8a Giornata della Meteorologia PDF Print partner dell' 8a Giornata della Meteorologia e l'Ente di gestione Aree Protette Alpi Marittime promuovono un contest dal titolo:

"Il clima cambia, cambiamo anche noi"

che riguarda i territori del Parc national du Mercantour (FR), del Parc national des Ecrins (FR), del Parco Fluviale Gesso e Stura – Ente gestore Comune di Cuneo (IT), dell'APAM (IT) e dell'Unione di Comuni "Colline di Langa e del Barolo".

Presentazioni dei lavori entro il 28 febbraio 2019

Maggiori informazioni sul sito di DataMeteo

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About the association

The Italian Association of Agrometeorology (AIAM) was founded in 1997 by a group of enthusiasts, now has more than a hundred of active members and houses a number of researchers and technicians from different origins (universities, research institutions, public service).

The fascination of our discipline lies in the vastness of an approach which has its "roots" in Atmospheric Physics, in Biology and in Agronomy, as well as the ability to establish original connections between them, giving answers to specific problems. Agrometeorology is therefore a real "boundary science", designed to enhance the links between all these lines of research that focus their attention on agricultural and forest ecosystems.

The Association has the following purposes and objectives:

  • to enhance, promote and protect the professional figure of the agrometeorologist;
  • to encourage contacts between operators and the dissemination of information;
  • to support initiatives of dissemination, training and updating;
  • to assist the development of technical standards;
  • to promote the connection between service and research activities;
  • to guarantee the development of a network of relationships with associations and professional groups who work in meteorology, climatology, environment and agriculture.

The AIAM adheres to the Italian Association of the Scientific Agricultural Society ((AISSA) and the European Meteorological Society (EMS).

AIAM brochure


"Agrometeorology is the science that studies the interactions of hydrological and meteorological factors with the agricultural and forest ecosystems and with agriculture, in its broadest sense"

Our mission

AIAM collects, selects and publishes news of all the initiatives (conferences, workshops, courses, etc. ...) that can be a stimulus to the interest for those working or studying in the field of agrometeorology.

News from AIAM

AIAM meets every year at a conference where the current topics of research and applications in agrometeorology are treated over the years, and that has become a much-awaited meeting for the Italian agrometeorological community.

AIAM meeting

L’AIAM promotes the formation and deepening of its members, organizing courses and workshops on all those matters which are part of the cultural baggage of a good agrometeorologist, from applied modeling to meteorology.

AIAM courses

AIAM, in order to facilitate the deepening of scientific knowledge in this field and to support the start-up for young scholars, annually announces a competition to award two thesis (graduate, master or doctoral) on agrometeorological issues.

AIAM award calls


Social Network

Supporting Members

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