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N.1 – aprile 2016

Step by step development of HIRM-KW: a field-scale runoff model.

Domenico Ditto, Mattia Sanna, Ludovico Alfieri, Mattia Fumagalli, Marco Acutis

Impact of photosynthetic active radiation on performance of tea crop under agro forestry eco system in eastern India.
Asis Mukherjee, S. Sarkar

Using HYDRUS-2D model to assess the optimal drip lateral depth for Eggplant crop in a sandy loam soil of central Tunisia.
Hiba Ghazouani, Dario Autovino, Giovanni Rallo, Boutheina Douh, Giuseppe Provenzano

Salicylic acid improves growth and essential oil accumulation in two Nepeta cataria chemotypes under water stress conditions.
Hussein A.H. Said-Al Ahl, Ali S. Sabra, Mona H. Hegazy

Evaluation of growth conditions and maize yield forecast in Russian regions from satellite data in a simulation model.

Kleshchenko A.D., Naidina T.A., Goncharova T.A., Lebedeva V.M.

The effectiveness of agrometeorological information in the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030; lessons learnt from China.
Victor Ongoma, Zablon W. Shilenje


N.2 – agosto 2016

Agro-phenological observation and modeling of cereals in Padana Plain in the period 2003-2012.
Gabriele Cola, Linda Pieri, Fiorenzo Salvatorelli, Francesca Ventura

Sweet sorghum in a bioethanol supply chain: effects of different soil and nitrogen management on energy performances and greenhouse gas emissions.
Pasquale Garofalo, Laura D’Andrea, Alessandro Vittorio Vonella, Michele Rinaldi, Angelo Domenico Palumbo

Design and implementation of maize (Zea mays L.) growth simulation model for Northwest region in China.
Rajawatta KMW, Dongjian He, Piyaratne MKDK, Haidong Lu

Reduction of Global Warming Potential from rice under alternate wetting and drying practice in a sandy soil of northern Italy.
Gianluigi Mazza, Alessandro Elio Agnelli, Gabriele Orasen, Massimo Gennaro, Giampiero Valè, Alessandra Lagomarsino

Effect of water supply method, variety selection and their interaction on growth and yield of kenaf in the tropical wet-and-dry climate of Nigeria.
Ayoola K.O., Eruola A.O., Adejuwon J.O., Makinde A.A.


N.3 – Dicembre 2016

Growth of the perennial energy crop giant reed (Arundo donax L.) simulated with ARMIDA, a modi ed version of the LINTUL model.
Antonio Volta, Giulia Villani, Vittorio Marletto, Enrico Ceotto

A methodology for the assessment of the potential of precision weed management based on geostatistical and crop growth model simulations.
Fabio Castaldi, Raffaele Casa

Analysis of a precipitation time series at monthly scale recorded in Molfetta (South Italy) in the XVIII century (1784-1803) and comparisons with present pluviometric regime.
Gianfranco Rana, Cristina Muschitiello, Rossana M. Ferrara

Tools for stochastic weather series generation in R environment.
Emanuele Cordano, Emanuele Eccel

Effects of drought and salinity on maize phenology, morphology and productivity in a semi-arid environment.
Romdhane Leila, Dal Cortivo Cristian, Vamerali Teofilo, Radhouane Leila

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