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IJAm 2015

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N.1 – April 2015

A project for climatologic mapping of soil water content in Trentino.

Emanuele Eccel, Emanuele Cordano, Fabio Zottele

Alternative nitrogen management practices to reduce carbon footprint of maize production.
Mattia Fumagalli

Consumptive use of green and blue water for winter durum wheat cultivated in Southern Italy.
Domenico Ventrella, Luisa Giglio, Monia Charfeddine, Anna Dalla Marta

Bioclimatic characterisation of the Mediterranean region: future climate projections for Spain, Italy and Tunisia.
Fátima Aguilera, Fabio Orlandi, Jose Oteros, Tommaso Bonofiglio, Marco Fornaciari

Estimation of zero-plane displacement height and aerodynamic roughness length on rice fields.
Daniele Masseroni, Arianna Facchi, Claudio Gandolfi


Nota tecnica:

Meeting farmers’ needs for agrometeorological services: a review with case studies. Part IV: Historical Case Studies
Kees Stigter, Zheng Dawei, Liu Jing, Li Chunqian, Ismabel M. Dominguez-Hurtado, Ahmed E. Mohammed, Ahmed T. Abdalla, Nageeb I. Bakheit, Nawal K.N. Al-Amin, Wei Yurong, Josiah M. Kinama


N.2 – August 2015

Revisiting the Priestley-Taylor method for the assessment of reference crop evapotranspiration in Italy.

Vassilis Aschonitis, Kleoniki Demertzi, Demertzi Papamichail, Dimitris Papamichail, Nicolò Colombani, Micòl Mastrociccio

Assessing microclimate conditions of surface soil layers to improve weed emergence modelling.

Donato Loddo, Roberta Masin, Valentina Gasparini, Franco Meggio, Andrea Pitacco, Giuseppe Zanin

Micrometeorological environment in traditional and photovoltaic greenhouses and effects on growth and quality of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.).

Roberta Bulgari, Gabriele Cola, Antonio Ferrante, Giulia Franzoni, Luigi Mariani, Licia Martinetti

Thermal comfort and green areas in Florence.

Martina Petralli, Giada Brandani, Marco Napoli, Alessandro Messeri, Luciano Massetti


Note tecniche:

Models to elucidate crop-weather association in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.).

K. Kandiannan, K. K. Chandaragiri, M. Anandaraj

A simple formula for estimating net radiation using temperature data and its effect on ET0 estimation.

Arash Ranjbar, Ali Rahimikhoob


N.3 – December 2015

NH3 emissions from land application of manures and N-fertiliser: a review of the Italian literature.

Sara Minoli, Marco Acutis, Marco Carozzi

Effects of thermal stress on the pre-heading duration and grain production for Mediterranean irrigated durum wheat.

Asma Lasram, Netij Ben Mechlia

Effects of precipitation and temperatures on crop yield variability in Vojvodina (Serbia).

Dragan D. Milošević, Stevan M. Savić, Vladimir Stojanović, Jovanka Popov-Raljić

Calibration and validation of thermal requirement models for characterizing phenological stages.



o Ballesteros, Miguel 


ngel Moreno, José Fernando Ortega


Soil temperature fluctuations in a degraded and in a reconstituted soil.

Paolo Manfredi, Chiara Cassinari, Marco Trevisan


Note tecniche:

Omnia: un nuovo strumento per la gestione di dati meteorologici.

Andrea Cicogna, Roberto Medeossi, Andrea Bellan, Alessandro Gimona, Livio Stefanuto, Stefano Micheletti

Agrometeorological monitoring: Low-Cost and Open-Source – is it possible?

Alessandro Matese, Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro, Alessandro Zaldei

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