Guide for Authors

Guide for Authors

1. Manuscript should refer to original researches, not yet published except in strictly preliminary form.

2. Manuscript should be submitted only by e-mail to:
Articles of original researches findings are published in Italian Journal of Agrometeorology (IJAm), subsequent to critical review and approval by the Editorial Board. External referees could be engaged for particular topics.

3. In order to maintain an open access policy, the cost for authors to submit articles is €200 for association members and €400 for non-members.

4. Three types of paper can be submitted: original paper, review, technical note.
Manuscript can be written in English or Italian.
All pages and lines of the manuscript should be numbered.

5. First Name, Last Name, position, affiliation, mail address, telephone and fax number of all the Co-Authors are required.
Corresponding Authors should be clearly identified.

6. The abstract should be no longer than 12 typed lines.

7. Full stop, not comma, must be used as decimal mark (e.g. 4.33 and not 4,33).

8. Figures, tables, graphs, photos and relative captions should be attached in separate files.
All images must be vector or at least 300 effective ppi/dpi to ensure quality reproduction.

9. Captions should be written as: Fig.x – Caption title, Tab.x – Caption title.
Images should be referred to in the text as (Fig.x), (Tab.x).
The translation must be written in italic: Fig.x – Caption title, Tab.x – Caption title.

10. For foreign authors, all requested translations into Italian will be made by AIAM.

11. Proof of the paper (formatted according to the Journal style) will be sent to the Corresponding Author for proof reading just one time. Corrections can be made only to typographical errors.

12. All the references in the text must be reported in the “References” section and vice-versa.
– In the text, only the Author(s) last name must be present, without the name or the first letter of the name: e.g. “Rossi, 2003” and not “Federico Rossi, 2003” or “F. Rossi, 2003”.
– If two authors are present, refer to them as: “Bianchi and Rossi, 2003” in the text (do not use “&” between the surnames).
– If more than two Authors are present, refer to them as: “Bianchi et al., 2003″ in the text.

For journals, references must be in the following form:
– Bianchi R., Colombo B., Ferretti N., 2003. Title. Journal name, number: pages.

For books:
Bianchi R., Colombo B., Ferretti N., 2003. Book title. Publisher, publishing location, total number of pages pp.

Manuscripts “in press” can be cited.

Posters or oral presentation can not be cited if they are not published on the relative proceedings.

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