AIAM Conferences

Matera 2023

XXV Convegno AIAM 2023 ” Agrometeorology for the management of resources and environmental constraints in agriculture “

Cagliari 2022

XXIV Conference AIAM 2022 ” Agrometeorology in support of crop and livestock systems ”

AIAM 2021 – online

XXIII Conference AIAM 2021 ” Agriculture 4.0 and climate change: the role of Agro-meteorology ”

Napoli 2019

XXII Conference AIAM 2019 ”Research and innovation for managing the climatic weather risk in agriculture”

Roma 2018

XXI Conference AIAM 2018 ”Agrometeorology for Rural Development Policies”

Milano 2017

XX Conference AIAM 2017 ”Integrated strategies to face climatic and agronomic challenges in the management of agri-food systems”

Bologna 2016

XIX Conference AIAM 2016 ”New adversities and new services for Agroecosystems”

San Michele all’Adige (TN) 2015

XVIII Conference AIAM 2015 “New energies to feed agriculture water, air, soil, plants, animals ”

Roma 2014

XVII Conference AIAM 2014 ”Role of agrometeorology in new agricultural policies”

Firenze 2013

XVI Conference AIAM 2013 ”Agrometeorology for environmental and food safety”

Palermo 2012

XV Conference AIAM 2012 ”New agro-environmental scenarios: phenology, agricultural production and adversity”

Bologna 2011

XIV Conference AIAM 2011 ”Agrometeorology for the agro-farm”

Bari 2010

XIII Conference AIAM 2010 ”Agrometeorology in the integrated management of agro-forestry systems and the environment”

Sassari 2009

XII Conference AIAM 2009 ”Climate and agriculture: adaptation and mitigation strategies”

San Michele all’Adige (TN) 2008

XI Conference AIAM 2008 ”Agrometeorological innovation for services and research”

Isola Capo Rizzuto (KR) – Lorica (CS) 2007

X Conference AIAM 2007 ”Agrometeorology, environmental sustainability and desertification: enhancement of production and protection of agroforestry ecosystems”

Torino 2006

IX Conference AIAM 2006 ”Agrometeorology and management of agricultural crops”

Vasto (CH) – Caramanico Terme (PE) 2005

VIII Conference AIAM 2005 ”Agrometeorology, natural resources and land management systems”

Matera 2004

VII Conference AIAM 2004 ”Agroecosystems in climate change”

Bologna 2003

VI Conference AIAM 2003 ”The challenges of agrometeorology”

Acireale (CT) 2002

V Conference AIAM 2002 ”Agrometeorology in the Mediterranean”

Milano 2001

IV Conference AIAM 2001 ”Agrometeorology, environment and territory: scientific, technical and regulatory aspects”

Roma 2000

III Conference AIAM 2000 ”Demand and Supply of Agrometeorology in Italy”

Bologna 1999

II Conference AIAM 1999 ”Agrometeorology and data quality”

Firenze 1998

I Conference AIAM 1998 ”Climate and Agriculture: adaptation and mitigation strategies”