Electoral Assembly


1. Preliminary activities:

  • The President ascertains the regularity of the convocation and of the Meeting attendance (on second call the Meeting shall be valid regardless of the number of members that are present).
  • The President shall read the article 10 and 11 of the Statute and article 1 of the Regulations (that concern the election).
  • The President shall appoint, among the members, a secretary, and (if appropriate) one or two scrutineers (article 11 of the Statute).

2. Constitution lists:

  • The candidates are organized into three separate lists (list for the President, list for Council and for Auditors), each candidate has the right to be in only one of the three lists.

3. Ballot papers:

The ballots (stamped and signed) can be given only to members who:

  • are listed as members in good standing (if they have previously paid);
  • are in possession of the receipt of payment (if they have paid by the date of the Meeting);
  • are in possession of valid proxies (each member may bring a maximum of 3 proxies – article 2 of the Regulations).

4. Preferences:

It is possible to express the following preferences (article 1 of the Regulations):

  • 1 for the President;
  • up to a maximum of 4 for Councilors;
  • up to a maximum of 2 for Auditor.

5. Additional requirements:

  • The candidates for President who are not elected, will automatically pass to the list for the Council. Their votes are counted together with the others (article 1 of the Regulations).

6. Elected:

The following candidates are elected:

  • President: the candidate of the list for President who has obtained the highest number of votes;
  • Vice President: the first of the elected in the list for the Council;
  • Councillors: from the 2nd (second) to the 7th (seventh) of those elected in the list for the Council;
  • Auditors: from the 1st (first) to the 3rd (third) of those elected in the list for Auditors.

7. Treasurer and Secretary:

  • The President and the Councilors shall elect a Treasurer and a Secretary.