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  • Roger Stone University of Southern Australia, Toowoomba (Australia)

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XXIII AIAM Conference 2021

XXIII AIAM Conference 2021

XXIII National Agro-meteorology Conference XXIII National Agro-meteorology Conference   Save the date On-line from 30th June to 2nd July 2021  Every year the Italian Association of Agro-meteorology organizes a conference in which the most topical agro-meteorological...

IALS project: mountain agriculture

IALS project: mountain agriculture

The University Institutes of Milan, Tuscia and Naples, under the patronage of the Province of VCO, Aree Protette Ossola, GAL Laghi e Monti del VCO, ARS.UNI.VCO and the Order of Agronomists and Foresters - Piedmont and Aosta Valley Federation, are organising a series...

Life-ADA Project

Life-ADA Project

Life-ADA is a project, co-funded by the European Union, which aims to provide concrete support to the agricultural sector to strengthen its resilience to climate change. The project involves UnipolSai Assicurazioni, as lead partner, and the partners Arpae Emilia...