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The Italian Association of AgroMeteorology, as it is stated in the Statute, has among its main objectives those to enhance, promote and protect the figure of the agro-meteorologist and to promote education, training and updating in agro-meteorology. In this perspective, one of the aims of AIAM has always been to support the initiation of young scholars to research on agro-meteorological issues.

For this reason, also this year there is a competition for the award of scholarship prizes for theses (see Bando Tesi) of agro-meteorological topics submitted during the academic year 2019/2020 and a Call for Best papers 2021 (see Bando Best paper), a recognition (symbolic) for the best research contributions in agro-meteorological disciplines published during 2020.

In addition, thanks to the generous gesture of our friend and member Vittorio Marletto, this year there is an additional call for an award for a doctoral thesis or post-graduate master / post-doctoral on agro-meteorological issues (see Bando di Studio “Vittorio”).

As per tradition, the official proclamation of the winners will take place also this year during the works of the AIAM Annual Conference – “Research and innovation for the management of climatic weather risk in agriculture “, which will be held online June 30 – July 2, 2021, and the young scholars will be given the opportunity to present the main results of their research.

Call regulations:
Bando Tesi
Bando Best paper
Bando di Studio “Vittorio”

All documentation for participation in the calls must be submitted to the organizing secretariat ( no later than 30th of May 2021


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