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N.1 – April 2014

Improvement of drought tolerence in maize (Zea mays L.) by selected rhizospheric microorganisms.

Francesca Zoppellari, Eligio Malusà, Walter Chitarra, Claudio Lovisolo, Federico Spanna, Laura Bardi

Extreme rainfall in the Lombardy region.

Simone Gabriele Parisi, Luigi Mariani, Gabriele Cola

A Mediterranean conifer under vegetation shift: seasonal changes of photochemical activity in Cupressus sempervirens (L.) and evidence of correlation with temperature models.

Roberto Zorer, Emanuele Eccel, Roberto Tognetti, Nicola La Porta
How a traditional agricultural protection structure acts in conditioning the internal microclimate: a statistical analytical approach to Giardino Pantesco (Pantelleria Island – Italy).

Teodoro Georgiadis, Giuseppe Barbera, Federico Carotenuto, Jacopo Lenzi, Antonio Motisi, Federica Rossi

Nota tecnica:

Meeting farmers’ needs for agrometeorological services: A review with case studies

Part I: introduction and history.
Kees Stigter, Sue Walker, Haripada Das, Ismabel M. Dominguez-Hurtado, Durton Nanja


The Global Federation of Agrometeorological Societes is launching.
Federica Rossi


N.2 – August 2014

Estimation of surface soil temperature based on neural network modeling.

Juan A. Lazzùs

Exploring the use of displaced-beam scintillometer for daytime measurement of surface energy fluxes over a Mediterranean Olive Orchard.

Carmelo Cammalleri, Carmelo Agnese, Joseph G. Alfieri, Antonino Drago, Teodoro Georgiadis, Antonio Motisi, Maurizio Sciotino, Henk A.R. de Bruin

Rainfall, streamflow and sediment relationship in a hilly semi-agricultural catchment in Northern Italy.

Linda Pieri, Farncesca Ventura, Marco Vignudelli, Miriam Hanuskova, Marco Bittelli
Validation of an insect pest phenological model for the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn) in the Po Valley in Italy.

Andrea Maiorano, Marcello Donatelli

Nota tecnica:

Meeting farmers’ needs for agrometeorological services: A review with case studies

Part II: Context 1, the existing situation.
Kees Stigter, Sue Walker, Haripada Das, Samsul Huda, Pieter D. Haasbroek

Frost calendar in Turkey.
Mücahit Karaoğlu


n. 3 – December 2014

CMWSim: development and evaluation of probability-based weather generating software for crop growth simulation.

Rajawatta KMW, Dongjan He, Piyaratne MKDK

Carbon balance and energy fluxes of a Mediterranean crop.

Simona Consoli, Osvaldo Facini, Marianna Nardino, Federica Rossi

Indici meteorologici di pericolosità di incendio forestale: una valutazione di efficacia nella regione Emilia-Romagna.

Davide Coi, Andrea Selvini, Vittorio Marletto, Francesca Ventura

Evaluation of EPI forecasting model for grapevine infection with inclusion of uncertainty in input value and traceable calibration.

Francesca Sanna, Quirico Antonio Cossu, Guido Roggero, Simone Bellagarda, Andrea Merlone

Nota tecnica:

Meeting farmers’ needs for agrometeorological services: a review with case studies

Part III: Context 2, the future.

Kees Stigter, Sue Walker, Haripada Das

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