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N.1 – April 2017

Characterization of Inter-seasonal Climatic Variability through Dry-season Rice productivity in the North-west Region of Bangladesh.

M. Maniruzzaman, M. A. Muttaleb, A. K. Choudhury, S. Akhter, F. Ahmed, M. A. Aziz, M. M. Rahman, M. M. Miah, J. C. Biswas, M. A. Hamid, N. Kalra

Estimation and trend evaluation of reference evapotranspiration in a humid region.
Mohammad Valipour, Mohammad Ali Gholami Sefdkouhi, Mojtaba Khoshravesh

Vegetative characteristics and biomass production of two hybrid Poplar clones in relation to the environmental conditions in the Velino river hydrographic basin (central Italy).
Fabio Orlandi, Tommaso Bonofglio, Luigia Ruga, Marco Fornaciari

Short-term effects of conversion to no-tillage on respiration and chemical – physical properties of the soil: a case study in a wheat cropping system in semi-dry environment.
Rossana Monica Ferrara, Gianluigi Mazzaa, Cristina Muschitiello, Mirko Castellini, Anna Maria Stellacci, Alejandra Navarro, Alessandra Lagomarsino, Carolina Vitti, Roberta Rossi, Gianfranco Rana

Does complex always mean powerful? A comparison of eight methods for interpolation of climatic data in Mediterranean area.

Maurizio Marchi, Ugo Chiavetta, Cristiano Castaldi, Fulvio Ducci


N.2 – August 2017

Neural Network modeling of automatic air temperature time series.
Joanna Kajewska-Szkudlarek

Testing of WRF parameterizations with X-band radar data in a convective rainfall event.
Stefania Bolla, Marco Branca, Claudio Cassardo, Silvia Ferrarese, Riccardo Notarpietro

Field irrigation management through soil water potential measurements: a review.
Andrea Bianchi, Daniele Masseroni, Martin Thalheimer, Leonardo Olivera de Medici, Arianna Facchi

Impact of climate change on olive growth suitability, water requirements and yield in Montenegro.
Mirko Knezevic, Ljubomir Zivotic, Veljko Perovic, Ana Topalovic, Mladen Todorovic

Historical climatology research: the concept of “climate change” over time.
Luigi Iafrate, Stanislao Esposito, Maria Carmen Beltrano


N.3 – December 2017

Association of agronomical, morphological and anatomical traits with compensatory effect of stem reserve mobilization in common wheat genotypes under drought stress
Jasna Savić, Vesna Kandić, Dragana Rančić, Ilinka Pećinar, Aleksandra Šešlija, Dragana Ivanović, Kamenko Bratković, Dejan Dodig.

Validating spatiotemporal predictions of western corn rootworm at the regional scale (Tuscany, central Italy)
Susanna Marchi, Diego Guidotti, Massimo Ricciolini, Ruggero Petacchi.

Analysing phenological features in natural and semi-natural environments next to cultivated fi elds as a prerequisite for potential pollen fl ow evaluation
Valeria Tomaselli, Matteo De Vincenzi, Cristina Fasciano, Alessandro Materassi, Giuseppe Veronico, Donatella Paffetti, Cristina Vettori.

Modeling of Soil Water Content for Vegetated Surface by Artificial Neural Network and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
Levent Șaylan, Reiji Kimura, Barış Çaldaǧ, Nilcan Akataş.


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