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IJAm 2018

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N.1 – April 2018

Agroclimatic zoning for Lesquerella fendleri, a multipurpose oilseed crop for production in Argentina.
Silvia Falasca, Sandra Pitta-Alvarez, Carolina Miranda del Fresno

Cropsyst Simulation and Response of Some Wheat Cultivars to Late Season Drought
Mostafa Morsy, Gamal El Afandi, Eman Naif

Soil temperature analysis for various locations in Slovenia
Tjaša Pogacar, Vesna Zupanc, Lucka Kajfež Bogataj, Zalika Crepinšek

Modelling the groundwater level by water balance: a case study of a Mediterranean karst aquifer of Apulia region (Italy)
Gianfranco Rana, Cristina Muschitiello, Rossana M. Ferrara, Giuseppe Verdiani, Marco Acutis

N.2 – July 2018

Grain filling parameters of two- and six-rowed barley genotypes in terminal drought conditions
Vesna Kandic´, Dejan Dodig, Miroslav Zoric´, Ana Nikolic´, Gordana Å urlan Momirovic´, Å½eljko Kaitovic´, Goran Aleksic´, Nenad Đuric´

Dynamic assessment of whitewash shading and evaporative cooling on the greenhouse microclimate and cucumber growth in a Mediterranean climate
Georgios Nikolaou, Damianos Neocleous, Nikolaos Katsoulas, Constantinos Kittas

Analysis of micrometeorological conditions in Piedmontese vineyards
Valentina Andreoli, Davide Bertoni, Claudio Cassardo, Sivia Ferrarese, Caterina Francone, Federico Spanna

Eddy Covariance fl uxes versus satellite-based modelisation in a defi cit irrigated orchard
Daniela Vanella, Simona Consoli

N.3 – December 2018

Climate Change and Weather-based Agrometeoro-logical Advisory Service: an Analysis from Farmers’ Perspectives
Agniswar Jha Chakraborty, Saon Banerjee, Asis Mukherjee, Monotosh Das Bairagya, Souvik Ghosh

Impacts of climate change on the growing season in the Iran
Behroz Sari Sarraf, Ali Mohammad Khorshiddost, Peyman Mahmoudi, Mohammad Daraei

Principal morphological and agronomic characteristics of some durum wheat varieties in central Italy  influenced by meteorological anomaliess
Fabio Orlandi, Aldo Ranfa, Marco Fornaciari

Analysis of Seasonal Carbon Dioxide Exchange of Winter Wheat Using Eddy Covariance Method in the Northwest Part of Turkey
Levent Saylan, Elif Semizoglu Ceyhan, Fatih Bakanogullari, Barış Çaldag, Yunus Özkoca, Sezel Karayusufoglu Uysal, Nilcan Altınbas, Josef Eitzinger


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