IJAm 2021

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N.1 – 2021

  N.2 – 2021

Habibioallah Farrokhi, Ahmad Asgharzadeh, Malihe Kazemi Samadi 43-55 PDFPredicting symptoms of downy mildew, powdery mildew, and gray mold diseases of grapevine through machine learning Iride Volpi, Diego Guidotti, Michele Mammini, Susanna Marchi 57-69 PDFEarth observation method for an operational assessment of crop phenology metric “start of the season” Roman Bohovic, Petr Hlavinka, Martin Možný, Daniela Semerádová, Jan Bálek, Miroslav Trnka 71-80 PDF

Efficacy of benzyladenine for compensating the reduction in soybean productivity under low water supply Hani Saber Saudy, Ibrahim Mohamed El–Metwally, Magdi Tawfik Abdelhamid 81-90 PDF

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