Water in agriculture: a better use for a better world

by | Sep 1, 2021 | News

The connubium water-agriculture is indissoluble.
Crop productivity is strongly dependent on water supply, and the need of irrigation is becoming more and more urgent in most countries and for most crops.
Climate change and variability increase the fluctuations in precipitation and surface supplies and largely pose a major threat on water availability. Agriculture irrigation accounts for 70% of water use worldwide and competes with the needs of rising population and energy and industry sectors.
An adequate agriculture’s management of this precious resource and the preservation of its quality are therefore essential to a sustainable and productive agro-food sector in each country.
This meeting aims to address some of those aspects, rising the attention of decision and policy makers, technical consultants, stakeholders, general public and citizens on the increasing need to address sustainable water use and re-use.

The meeting, in conjunction with the G20 Agriculture, will be held on 15 September at 9.30 am.

Co-organized by: Accademia dei Georgofili; ANBI (Associazione nazionale consorzi di tutela
gestione territorio e acque irrigue); CER (Consorzio di bonifica di secondo grado per il Canale
Emiliano Romagnolo); CNR-IBE (Institute of BioEconomy).

Participation can only take place by completing the following form by 9.00 a.m on Monday 13 September
Participants will receive their login credentials to the web platform.
On the basis of current legislation, participation in the presence will be allowed to the first 20
members who make a specific request.

Further information and programme:

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