XXV Conference AIAM 2023 – Save the date

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XXV Conference AIAM 2023

 Save the date

Matera 14 – 16 June 2023 

Every year the Italian Association of Agro-meteorology organizes a conference in which the most topical agro-meteorological research issues and applications are discussed.
Over the years, this event has become a highly anticipated meeting for the Italian agro-meteorological community.

La XXV edizione del Convegno AIAM si terra’ a Matera nelle giornate del

14 – 15 – 16 Giugno 2023 

SEDE: Universita’ degli Studi della Basilicata, Campus Matera Aula B003 – Via Lanera 20 – Matera

ed avra’ per titolo:

“Agrometeorology for the management of resources and environmental constraints in agriculture

1st SESSION: Managing abiotic stresses
2nd SESSION: Agro-meteorological tools at the service of agricultural development policies
3rd SESSION: Prediction and management of adverse events in agriculture

– By 05/04/2021 :
Pre-registration and submission of titles and summaries in Italian or English (10 lines) of communications: (form on line)

registration for the online Conference and to the AIAM Association for 2022, including the Conference Proceedings and the annual subscription to the Journal of Agro-meteorology.
€ 80,00 registration for the Conference for AIAM members already in good standing for 2022
€ 50,00 registration for university students (does not include annual subscription to the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology).

Segreteria AIAM
: 011.432 5037 / 3706
e-mail: segreteria@agrometeorologia.it
website Associazione

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